Thursday, December 4, 2008

You Tube can't own everything

Billie Joe, you are my hero! After announcing Pinhead Gunpowder would be playing 3 shows this year, Green Day fans flew in from around the country to see Billie and Jason go at it. The first 2 shows were apparantly bombarded with cameras and videos, and you tube went nuts with poor quality video, while I imagine a bunch of people stood around and taped the show, ignoring the music and atmosphere and memories. Finally, at the 3rd, and final show our dear Billie let everyone know how he felt:

"Speaking of memories. Uhm. How many people out there got digital cameras? And cell phones? Let’s put em away. You know what, You Tube can’t own everything, and its nice to have our own f**kin memories, *pointing to his head* something that goes into our brains, *pointing to his chest* and our hearts and our spirits. So we have this one opportunity, and let people misinterpret anything they f**kin want. I mean, f**k, ya know…"-Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie, you rock! How great was it for him to go back to the garage days in a smelly little club packed so tight you can't move, while the band on stage is singing their heart out. Unfortunately, I think he crossed over the threshold of 'too famous', and that blows. No wonder he refuses to take credit for Foxboro Hottubs. He's trying to make music for music sake, and everyone is trying to get the photo of the year.

No matter, Billie, we know your heart is in the right place. Maybe next time, you shouldn't announce the show, and have the crowd checked for camera phones!

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