Thursday, December 4, 2008

ch ch ch ch changes....

Some are good some are bad. I'm sitting here furious because the web site I live at has undergone a face lift today. I don't just dislike it, I HATE it! And I know hate is a very strong word, I rarely use, if ever.

They added a live chat component, which is great, but everything else I do there is now significantly more difficult, and I don't have time for more difficult.
I'm going to leave the community. Truth be told, it's for scrappers, which I am not. My creative outlet is more and more assemblage and altered art, which is not their focus. So why do I feel like I just had my left hand cut off? I am hosting a few swaps there which will end soon, and then I have a bunch of trips planned, so I'll be too busy. I shouldn't spend that much time there anyway. Do you hear me justifying???

Well, that means that YOU, my handful of readers, will be able to participate in swaps right here! woo hoo! and I can put my energy elsewhere. All things happen for a reason. Let's see where this leads me now......

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