Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let the games begin

There is so much to say, but I can't sensor myself very well, so I'll just post the fotos here for you to look at and discuss. 2 months from today it will be over! I hope everyone registered to vote does, and if you are not registered, you should do so! This year, more than before, every vote will be important. You need to stand up for what you believe, and vote for the candidate that will protect your beliefs.
Vote for the person that will protect the rights you already have, without compromise. Don't vote for color or sex...that's crazy. Vote your mind, vote your freedom and vote for change! Oops, it slipped, see I can't help myself!

Hillary was my girl, now Barack is my guy. I just don't believe McCain has any idea what my life is like and wouldn't know how to begin to help me make it better. I don't want to see anymore war, Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea... no more. I don't think that's really a choice, looks like we're headed into Afghanistan, hopefully there is a real objective and plan. I don't want women and girls to lose the right to abortion. I am not pro-abortion, but I also believe children should be brought into homes that want them! I want to see America as a team player, not a bully. I want health insurance...for me! I want to see wind energy, solar power, energy independence. We should be encouraged to recycle and do what we can.

Only time will tell what this election uncovers, but come November I ask you to vote your beliefs. That's really all we have.

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