Thursday, December 4, 2008

Billie Joe & Elvis Costello "Allison"

The first album, YES ALBUM AS IN VINYL, I owned was Elvis Costello's Armed Forces. I still listen to it, and think what a brilliant songwriter he was and still is. Not to mention his tour last year 2006 was fantastic!!!
When I found out I was having twin girls, I knew I would name one Allison. I toyed with the idea of naming the other Veronica, but never really liked the name, so she became Emily, after my Grandmother.
I digress...So, the other day I'm playing around on and what do I find? A video duet of Allison with Billie Joe! I sat Allison (an absolute Billie Joe fan) down to see the video, knowing she would like it and the strangest thing happened. As soon as it started she had a smile from ear to ear (she knows she was named after the song) BUT when they sang "Allison...." and Billie Joe looked right into the camera, she turned bright red and burried her head in my lap! I couldn't get her to look up until after the song ended, and asked her what was wrong??? There was a ton of nervous laughter, and finally she said "He sang to me. Billie Joe knows my name and he sang my song to me!" Since she's almost 5 I don't have the heart to tell her the truth. So Ally, this song is for you, afterall you were names after it!

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