Thursday, December 4, 2008

a new hope

I can honestly say I'm going to bed tonight, with a genuine feeling of hope. Since 9-11, I have been afraid. Really, honestly, genuinely afraid. I have felt disjointed from my government. I did not feel safer. I was inundated with fear. At this moment, I have a pre-911 feeling of hope. A feeling that things are going to be right in the world, if only until I wake up tomorrow morning.
Growing up, I was considered Generation-X. We were made fun of, laughed at, never taken seriously. Equality for all was always important to us. Although many of our parents were influenced by racism, we refused to tolerate it. Tonight, I finally feel our government is going to work for us. All of us. For Generation X and beyond.
Tonight we have captured the eyes of the world. Everyone within earshot of a television or a radio across the globe knows the US is headed in another direction. I can only hope the dictators wait and see. The radicals take a moment to pause. The wars take a moment for peace. I pray that Obama chooses the right people to fill the important cabinet positions that will soon be vacant. I hope he selects people from both sides of the aisle, and includes the fiercely independent.
Tomorrow the sun will rise, and with it I believe a new hope for a smarter, safer planet!

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