Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bean to the White house!!!

This post was taken 100% from A place to Bark and Meow Please help little Bean get to Washington!!!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-Eleanor Roosevelt


Yes, I am being silly, but hey why not!!!
Life is about having fun & doing positive things..
That's what we try to do here everyday:)
Barack Obama promised in his presidential acceptance speech to get his daughters a puppy and this is where our story begins...

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to send my 2 puppies, to participate in the search for the Obama puppy on television. This was via Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago.
I love them and have a wonderful working relationship with them.
Unfortunately I was on the road, away from home, it was last minute & I couldn't get back on time, to get my dogs there. I was disappointed, but am a firm believer that if things are meant to be they happen.
With that being said, I am creating my own opportunity & am putting our rescued puppy out in this public forum for their consideration. My hope is that the Obama family will see this post via the web.
I've tried to find contact info, where I could send them a private note, but with no luck.
Sooo, I have to believe someone, will know someone, will know someone & let them know!!!

Based on the credentials needed to be the Obama puppy, we nominate:
"Bean" to be the First Dog of the United States of America.

To our President-Elect Obama, Mrs. Obama & most of all Malia & Sasha, I respectfully present to you...
Our sweet rescued Schnauzer "Bean". She is a 12-14 week old purebred puppy.
She was rescued with her 2 other sisters and 7 other adult Schnauzers.
Wonderful calm personality, loving, snuggley, sweet & non shedding.
Her color is black, but will most probably change with time to Silver.
We named her "Bean" because when you look at her she looks like a little jellybean.
Round, wiggly, gentle & full of kisses. Follows you everywhere you go.
I believe she meets all the criteria you are looking for: she is hypoallergenic & a rescued dog.
Here are just a few pictures, it is very difficult to photograph a black dog.
The pictures don't do her justice, she is much cuter in person!!!
Her hair is long now & she will be going in for her first haircut this week.

As the President-Elect said: "A lot of shelter dogs are mutts, like me".
"So whether we're going to be able to balance those two things, I think, is a pressing issue on the Obama household."
As fate would have it, "A Place To Bark" has the dog they are looking for.
Now we just have to somehow get the Obama family to notice!!

"Bean" does have an approved home already, but they have agreed to allow me offer her to the Obama family.
The adoptive family believes a positive example is important & they would adopt another dog if the opportunity was available for Bean to go to the White House.
We are willing to potty train and hold her until the President-Elect Obama & his family are settled in the White House.
I could hand deliver her when after they settle into the White House and visit with Claudine since she lives in D.C.

So as with all things in my life, I believe creating your own opportunities is key...
Dreaming, believing, working hard towards a goal, envisioning it & making it real, that is what life is about!! I know it's a long shot, but I believe in miracles:)
You ask why us?? Why not one of our dogs!!!
It's all about making the dream real & I think this upcoming year is going to be all about making lots of dreams real!!!

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