Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adeline clothing is back!

Woo Hoo A&B are back in business! I have to say I've been getting anxious, hoping I wouldn't spend my 'back-to-school' clothes money before the site was up. Wait, you have no idea what I'm talking about do you?

Here's what they say about themselves:
"Adeline Street is the cooperative project of Billie Joe of Green Day, his wife Adrienne Armstrong, and Steady Clothing. Named after his record label, Adeline Records, the men's and women's alternative/punk inspired street-wear continues to take root and grow. Since it's debut in 2005 Adeline Street has been worn by many alternative spot-lighters in the music and film industry. From the militant/rebel design prints and cuts to the street punk styles, both men's and women's, Adeline Street continues to produce fresh ideas and unique apparel to fashion minded underground individuals."
I say they make great, fun, rock & roll clothes for the fashion minded 'punksters' out there...personally I think that's a huge contradiction, but I don't really care, I love their clothes and bands from their record label. They have great colors, fun graphics, and unmistakeable Skully! From skull caps to panties....don't you love to use the word panties...they simply rock, and carry clothes for kids! Sadly, the kids stuff isn't up yet, as I type this, the site just went live this afternoon, but I'm sure they'll have their kids line soon.

So, go get yourself some clothes the kids will envy and pay attention to the music! The current song playing is from a little-known band called The Network (nah, they just look and sound like Green Day, wink wink), The Living End (woo hoo Aussies), AFI (why do I always think AFI-liner?-thanks guys) and Jesse Malin to name a few.

I gotta go shopping, I was promised I'll look like this if I buy the panties!

(And an airbrush!)

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