Thursday, December 4, 2008

Think! How to change a habit!

By now, everyone who knows me knows I HATE plastic bags!!! It's been almost 6 months since I made my own canvas bags for shopping, and they are holding up brilliantly! It took a bit to get used to keeping them in the car, and then to bring them into the store, but I finally have the new habit. For produce, although I feel bad watching dozens of apples rolling around on the counter as the checker tries to get them all on the scale at once...I don't bag my produce either. There is something fun about coming home with a big basket full of fruit and veggies, not covered in obnoxious, useless plastic bags!

To my dismay our local farmer's market is inundated in plastic bags too! Next time I go there, I will bring reuseable baskets for my berries! Not to mention a plastic bag is the fastest way to make puree out of yummy ripe raspberries!

During the LiveEarth concert, the Sundance Channel played a number of shorts regarding the environment. Here is the link to the short titled "How to change a habit" regarding plastic bags. I really encourage everyone to make your own bags, or if you can't sew, let me know! I'll only charge you materials and shipping. Hell, send me the material you want and I'll only charge shipping! It's a small thing we can do, but it is do-able for everyone!

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