Thursday, December 4, 2008

Working class hero

*Update* Here is the tape from the American Idol finale of Working class hero. I bathed in the joy of seeing the boys again, it didn't hit me until this morning how bizzarre to see them on such a pop show, but then read they weren't allowed to do it live.. hehehe, can't trust 'em eh? Allison played her guitar, while Emily sang and kicked.

The Official pre-recorded video, taped earlier this month, will debut on MTV Tuesday, May 29, and play every hour. Yeah!!!

The single is available and amazing!!! ...but don't be cruel and rip it off! The single is available on i-tunes now, and the entire cd, Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur, sponsored by Amnesty International, will be released June 12th. BUY THIS CD once it hits the stores, download it when it becomes available. Green Day lend their talents to the latest efforts to help out raising money for Darfur with a cover of John Lenon's "Working Class Hero". It is fantastic, haunting, thought provoking and sobering. Billie Joe's voice echoes, as if pleading to help. I'd link to it here, but I believe in purchasing music, especially when a few pennies can help so many. Check out this link to a fun GD site Greendayauthority and a preview of the song. *Song contains profanity*

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